3 Ways to Train Employees for the Future

The future looks bright for the world of tech, but with technological progress, job displacement often follows in its wake. However, this is not inevitable. Organizations can and should do more to make sure their employees gain the skills they will need to adapt. While this does require rearranging some internal processes, it will save employers the costs of layoffs and the subsequent search for replacements in the long-run.

Organizations who want to succeed must start creating learning and career development options for employees now. Preparing employees for the future is not something that can be put on the backburner.

Recent mass layoffs at Cisco and Amazon’s choice to allocate most of its warehouse work to robots and drones rather than to human employees is a signal that time is of the essence. And the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Uber is already working feverishly to develop self-driving cars way before analysts anticipated, which will dramatically reduce its number of drivers.

The last thing employees want is their skills to become obsolete. And the most motivated and capable employees are always looking to grow and develop in their careers, rarely staying in one place for very long. In fact, organizations reported that 26 percent of employees leave due to a lack of learning and career development opportunities. Career development is a major non-financial motivator, and in fact, 76 percent of employees report wanting opportunities for career growth.

Don’t give your employees reason to fear being replaced by a robot. Make them aware of the ways they can grow their knowledge and skill-set within your organization. Here are three ways to train your employees for the future and boost your employee retention rate:

1) Leverage Your Current Experts:

Tap your current experts and have them create learning and career development plans, or curriculums, for your employees. Your experts should train your employees for jobs of the future. For example, you can use your technology experts to train your warehouse employees in drone operation.

2) Give Your Employees Time

This is an important one. If you enhance career development opportunities at your company, but you don’t provide your employees with time to take advantage of them, then your efforts will have been wasted. Employees want to grow and they will remain with your organization if they know what options are available to them and have room in their schedule that allows them to learn without compromising their current responsibilities. The best way to ensure employees have a chance to gain new skills and knowledge is to actually make career development training a mandatory part of their day or week.

3) Provide Resources

In addition to designating experts to train your employees, make sure you provide educational resources as well. Experts can create or utilize material in the form of live classes, slide decks, training videos, documents, articles, whitepapers, and more that your employees can easily access through a file sharing website or app. Hold conferences where employees can learn about options available to them within your organization. Use an internal software or search engine that provides employees with career development information.

Employees who have the resources in place, the time to take advantage of opportunities, and access to experts who can help them along the way will have no excuse for being unprepared for the future.