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4 Steps to Creating a Learning and Development Plan for 2017

As we plan for 2017, it’s time to evaluate HR strategy for the coming year. It’s clear that if organizations want to retain talent, they will have to provide value to employees that extends beyond financial security. Organizations can save […]

How to Get Employees to Own Their Professional Development

Implementing a successful learning and development program at an organization is no easy task. As anyone who has ever tried to do it will attest, L&D isn’t exactly seen as “part of the work day,” and as a result, it […]

How to Get Employees Involved in Social Learning

In our last post, we discussed the importance of social learning and its benefits for employee learning and development. We also covered how to get employees interested in social learning, and explained why it’s so important to leverage your employees […]

Why Social Learning Works for Organizations

Twenty years ago, it would have been considered odd to invite people to your home in order to show them a wall full of your family photos. Today, this is considered perfectly normal behavior and we do it all the […]

Investment Firms Now Helping Organizations Find Talent

An investment in an organization is really an investment in the people who make that organization run. VC firms, such as Andreessen Horowitz, and private equity firms are acknowledging this important principle by hiring specialists to help their portfolio companies […]

3 Ways to Make a Great Work Environment for Remote Employees

The days of spending long hours in the office may soon become a thing of the past. The trend of employees working remotely continues to rise, and in fact, more and more employees are opting to work remotely during business […]

The One Thing HR Must Never Forget

We currently live in a world where employees demand a lot from their organizations — perks, benefits, great work environments, free coffee, and in some cases, even a ping-pong table or a sleep pod. And HR sincerely wants to provide whatever […]

How to Provide Career Training & Professional Development for Remote Employees

  Employee onboarding and career development has traditionally involved holding meetings in physical conference spaces and classrooms. But when employees don’t report to an office, organizations have to think creatively and use technology strategically to make sure remote employees receive […]

How to Evaluate the Performance of Remote Employees

A growing number of organizations are beginning to utilize employees who work remotely. This raises new challenges for management regarding employee performance evaluations. How can managers accurately measure employee performance if they are unable to physically observe employees during the […]

Product Update: Now Has a Slack Bot

  It’s a great day for customers. has just launched a Slack bot that allows users to access learning and career development content without having to leave the app. Why Organizations Need Bots If you use the internet (which […]

5 Things to Do Before Hiring Remote Employees

5 Things to Do Before Hiring Remotely While not yet standard operating procedure, more and more organizations are opting to do away with offices, allowing employees to work remotely. In fact, more than half the workforce is expected to be […]

How to Create a Career Map that Works

Your best employees want to grow. If they believe there is room for growth and career development within your organization, they’ll stick by you. If they don’t, they will leave in search of greener pastures. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to […]

The Most Important Quality Every Manager Needs to Have

When I landed my first management position, a mentor of mine sat me down in his office and asked me the following question: What do you think is the most important skill for a manager to have? I thought for […]

3 Ways to Train Employees for the Future

The future looks bright for the world of tech, but with technological progress, job displacement often follows in its wake. However, this is not inevitable. Organizations can and should do more to make sure their employees gain the skills they […]

Product Update: Learning Paths Can Now be Made Public users have long had the ability to create learning paths, which function as a series or ‘playlist,’ if you will, of career development content. Users can create a customized path of educational material for trainees to go through at […]

Why Bite-Sized Learning and Development Works and How to Do it Right

Organizations don’t have the time or the money to host long-winded training sessions anymore. While onboarding used to mean hours-long lectures with a Powerpoint, this approach often proves counterproductive. Not only is it costly and time consuming, but much of […]

Unconventional Company Culture Needs Unconventional Learning and Development

There has been a lot of buzz in recent years surrounding companies’ experimentation with organizational structures. In attempt to boost employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and avoid stagnation, many corporations are dismantling conventional hierarchies and in favor of startlingly new approaches. […]

4 Benefits of Job Shadowing

Observing others is a fantastic way for people to learn. In previous eras, it was common practice for someone who wanted to learn a new skill or trade to work as an apprentice under someone well-versed in the craft. This […]


Building An Onboarding Plan For The Digital Age

Not long ago, the standard onboarding plan was a week-long event with precisely scheduled time slots for the new hire to fill out requisite paperwork, learn the company history and visit each department to understand their role. Today’s candidates are […]

Why Social Learning Produces The Best ROI By Far [INFOGRAPHIC]

Eighty percent of learning takes place through on-the-job interactions with peers, experts, and managers, according to Bersin and Associates. This type of informal learning, referred to as social learning, is key in driving employee development and engagement across an organization. […]

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The Workforce Has Evolved, Why Hasn’t Your Onboarding Program?

Throughout the past decade, the workforce has evolved. Startups are emerging with the rise in independent thinking and rejection of corporate life. Millennials sit in positions of authority, transforming older work values from work-life to life-work balance — and now […]

Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Your Seasonal Hires

If you plan to boost your team with onboarding a little extra manpower around the holidays, you’re not alone. UPS plans to hire 95,000 seasonal employees this year, nearly doubling last year’s hires, according to 2014 Holiday Hiring Forecast report. […]

Key Findings from the CLO 2015 Learning Outlook

Over the past few years a number of studies have come out promoting the notion that between a range of 70%-80% of employee learning happens informally. I have personally seen this trend when tracking employee development hours at organizations I […]

How to Succeed in HR Initiative Implementation (in 7 Easy Steps)

As 2015 approaches, many HR departments are elbow-deep in strategic planning for the upcoming year. What systems will be purchased to revitalize your collaboration efforts? Which new initiatives should be launched to boost your employee engagement figures? And most importantly, […]

enhanced reporting

Announcing New, Enhanced Reporting Tools

Some big news! Today we unveiled new, enhanced reporting tools for our users. This is huge because of what it can potentially mean for you and your organization.


Four Ways to Find Success in Social Learning

Social learning is the hot topic in Human Resources, but more often than not, attempts at engaging employees in collaborative learning is a failure. How can you ensure that social learning is successful in your organization? We’ve boiled it down […]