Four Ways to Find Success in Social Learning

Social learning is the hot topic in Human Resources, but more often than not, attempts at engaging employees in collaborative learning is a failure.

How can you ensure that social learning is successful in your organization? We’ve boiled it down to 4 important rules:

  1. Empowering Employees to Learn: Set expectations early on for how often and in what form employees are expected to further their professional development.
  2. Empowering Employees to Share: Encourage employees to facilitate the flow of knowledge and information between coworkers, peers, and departments by allowing informal training sessions and 1:1 relationships.
  3. Providing the Tools: Employees need a way to connect and share through a reliable and user-friendly collaborative platform.
  4. Recognizing the Effort: Track and reward social learning and participation to ensure that employees and managers alike see the value and continue to share.

Learn more about succeeding with your social learning culture by checking out Avi Singer’s full article here.

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