Future of Learning and Development: Timely, Relevant, and Social

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The reasons an employee might leave an organization are manifold, but one thing costing many businesses to lose talent is a failure to invest sufficiently in learning and career development.

The hungriest, most capable and ambitious employees are the ones who see their positions as stepping stones. They want to attain more skills, knowledge, and expertise so they can eventually shift gears and advance their careers. Gone are the days when people stayed at one job for most of their careers. Now, people only stick around if they feel they receive enough professional value to make staying worth their while. Without room to grow, they grow restless and leave.

As every HR executive already knows, a new hire is always more costly than retaining current employees performing at an optimal level. But providing a culture that excels at learning and development can be difficult when imposed from the top down. The best way to ensure that employees have access to learning and career development on a consistent basis is to give the entire staff a role in sharing knowledge and information.

Feed the Information Directly to Your Employees

In an ideal world, we’d all learn on a “just in time” basis, receiving only the information that we need exactly at the time we need it. But communicating across departments and finding relevant information was not an easy task — until recently. New technology makes finding the right people and information easier and faster than ever before.

Rather than bombard your employees’ inboxes, flood their devices with push notifications, or leave them to hunt for the information they need on their own, use technology platforms to make it easier for employees to share information with one another that is curated, relevant, and accurate. This is called social learning and it’s the future of learning and development.

Social Learning

Today, social networks dominate how many of us communicate. Marketers have used this to their advantage, using the data collected from studying user behavior on social media to optimize their ads and messages so they more precisely reach their target. As marketers have always known, getting the right message to the right person at the right time is essential.

HR and learning and development specialists should take their cue from the marketing department. A fully optimized learning and development plan should aim to provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

And since most people learn best from their peers, a strong learning and development plan will facilitate open lines of communication and information sharing between employees and departments. Companies can strategically use technologies such as video conferencing, chat, and collaboration tools to share information in the form of articles, webinars, videos, podcasts, and slide decks, getting the right content to the right people and keeping everyone in the know about career development opportunities.

Learning and development platforms, such as Showd.me, aggregate all of the information in one place, tailor the content to the needs of the user, and make it incredibly easy for employees to communicate, teach, learn and crowdsource queries. New learning and development platforms are leading the way in helping businesses maintain a healthy, robust learning culture. This serves to attract and retain talent, which generates more value for employees and employers alike.