Product Update: Learning Paths Can Now be Made Public

unnamed users have long had the ability to create learning paths, which function as a series or ‘playlist,’ if you will, of career development content. Users can create a customized path of educational material for trainees to go through at their own pace.

For example, a senior sales manager can create a learning path containing videos, podcasts, whitepapers, slide decks, articles and more on a given topic, such as lead generation. Other users can then go through the material, receiving the training they need.

Responding to consumer demand, has now made it possible for any employee to create learning paths that are open to anyone within their organization, rather than only those who have been invited to share. Learning path creators now have the option to set the share settings to private or public. Until recently, a learning path could only be accessed by others who were invited to share the learning path, much like a Google document or sheet.

This new feature allows companies, particularly larger organizations focused on providing career development opportunities for their employees, to make the content easily accessible to everyone. Employers can now provide employees with the means to explore other career paths and roles within their organizations. Making learning paths more widely available allows a greater number of employees to hone their knowledge and skills, thus ensuring employees will add to their skillset and have more to offer their organizations.

Employees who follow the learning paths will never have to worry about their skills becoming obsolete. They will also be aware of opportunities for growth within their organizations, reducing the costs of employee turnover. Organizations would be wise to pay more attention to learning and career development, as it is now one of the biggest contributors to employees’ early exits.

We believe giving our users more options makes for a better user experience and we hope you will enjoy this new feature that makes sharing learning and development material easier to access than ever before.