Product Update: News Feed

showdme newsfeed better graphic

Imagine if all the information you ever wanted to learn could be somehow implanted directly into your brain.

Think Matrix style.’s news feed isn’t exactly the Matrix, but it may be the next best thing.

In an ideal world, we would be able to access the information we need precisely at the moment we need it. A major challenge to employee learning and development is not access to information. Rather, it’s finding the right kind of information at the right time.

Until now, employee learning & development is only facilitated in one of two ways:

a) Push tactics in which organizations push information onto their employees, possibly in the form of notifications, invites, or email blasts which may only be relevant to a small percentage of the employees receiving them.


b) Pull tactics in which employees are forced to pull the information they need from other sources such as Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, or one-one-one interactions with a coworker.

In both situations, the one seeking knowledge is bombarded with irrelevant information, which can make finding the relevant information that much harder.’s news feed solves this problem by providing a user-friendly environment that customizes itself to the user, utilizing 75 different criteria to determine what information and content is put in front of employees who use the platform.

While has an advanced search functionality, the news feed presents content it predicts will be helpful or interesting to users much like the “Recommended for you” features on Amazon or Hulu.

In a similar style to that of Facebook or LinkedIn, the news feed’s sophisticated algorithm selects which content to show based on a combination of factors including the user’s role, experience, tenure, location, and, department. New users can add criteria to their profiles indicating what they know and what they want to know, which is also taken into account.

In addition to individual user behavior, the news feed algorithm factors in general user behavior, favoring content that is “trending” on the platform. For example, if a user has indicated she wants to learn more about sales, then the most popular articles, classes and videos related to sales — those with the most clicks, views, likes, and shares — on the platform will show up at the top of her news feed.

The news feed provides a customized feel that is centered around the user’s needs, saving employees a lot of time and energy, ensuring they can more quickly learn new information that they will then use to add value to their organizations.

It’s not the instantaneous type of learning portrayed in science fiction movies, but it’s awfully close.