Product Update: Now Has a Slack Bot


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It’s a great day for customers. has just launched a Slack bot that allows users to access learning and career development content without having to leave the app.

Why Organizations Need Bots

If you use the internet (which you obviously do), then you’ve probably heard of bots. They have been around for a while, but they are increasingly popular as the technology improves. Many websites and browsers use bots such as Siri or Cortana to help users search information, navigate browsers or websites, and answer questions.

Learning and career development opportunities that employees don’t know about, have trouble accessing, or are not given time to take advantage of, are of little to no value. Quick riddle: If a learning and development opportunity appears in the forest and no employees know about it, does it even exist?


However, when room for growth is just a tap away, employees will see the value of staying with their employers. A chat bot puts learning and career development opportunities right at employees’ fingertips.

Sadly, many learning and career development opportunities as well as LMS software applications remain underutilized. This is often because organizations don’t provide employees with enough notice about new opportunities or enough time to take advantage of them. Additionally, too many organizations inundate employees with technology that makes accessing professional development materials arduous and complicated.

HR Tech needs to be where the employees are and seamlessly integrate into their work. Since many teams of employees already use Slack to manage internal affairs, a bot that feeds learning and career development materials directly to employees while they are in the app is a smart way to make sure they have access to growth opportunities within your organization.

What Does Our Slack Bot Do?

Rather than attempt to drag employees to showdme, this new bot brings’s resources to the employees.

showdme’s Slack bot enables employees to:

  • Find skill experts easily
  • Sort through necessary content
  • Be notified automatically of upcoming learning and development opportunities
  • Be trained in a variety of topics pertaining to one’s area of expertise and other areas of interest
  • Easily search for the information they need