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The Untapped Potential For E-Learning At Work

While e-Learning has skyrocketed in popularity over the past 5 years, companies are still not using this training format to its full potential. The Association for Talent Development’s 2014 State of the Industry report indicated that more than two-thirds of […]


Modern Recruiting: Hiring For Aptitude Over Pedigree

In Bersin by Deloitte’s report titled Predictions for 2015: Redesigning the Organization for a Rapidly Changing World, Bersin boldly defines job skills as the new economic currency, and touts the increased importance of internal talent development. With increased competition to […]

Why Social Learning Produces The Best ROI By Far [INFOGRAPHIC]

Eighty percent of learning takes place through on-the-job interactions with peers, experts, and managers, according to Bersin and Associates. This type of informal learning, referred to as social learning, is key in driving employee development and engagement across an organization. […]

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The Workforce Has Evolved, Why Hasn’t Your Onboarding Program?

Throughout the past decade, the workforce has evolved. Startups are emerging with the rise in independent thinking and rejection of corporate life. Millennials sit in positions of authority, transforming older work values from work-life to life-work balance — and now […]


Four Ways to Find Success in Social Learning

Social learning is the hot topic in Human Resources, but more often than not, attempts at engaging employees in collaborative learning is a failure. How can you ensure that social learning is successful in your organization? We’ve boiled it down […]